Diving Courses with Dive Wishes & More

Our professionally conducted diving courses allow beginners to explore a new and fascinating world and they offer new knowledge, experience and skills to those who already started their diving career!

At our school, we offer a wide range of SSI courses, such as Try Scuba, the Open Water Diver, and the Advanced Adventurer or maybe the Advanced Open Water Diver. If you are orientating on a professional level of diving, the Stress and Rescue course is mandatory.

At the same time we also offer many specialty courses such as Enriched Air Nitrox, Wreck, or the Deep specialty. These specialties dive into a specific subject and will make you an expert on that area. Ssk us for more options!

Furthermore it is nice to know that we only dive with a maximum group size of 4 students per instructor to make sure the instructor can properly take care of every student!

Also we use speedboats to get to the dive sites, so no unnecessary long hours on a slow boat, and it makes us flexible in the choice of dive sites.

So if you like a little bit of luxury with speed, do your course with us!