Chumphon Pinnacle

Things to see: Huge schools of Fusiliers and Trevally, the occassional Whale shark, Giant groupers, Yellowtail Barracuda's, Great barracuda, schools of Batfish, Lionfish, Scorpionfish, Pink anemonefish and lots of anemones and soft coral

Chumphon Pinnacle is widely regarded as Koh Tao’s best dive site. It is one huge pinnacle that starts from 30m, and goes up to 14m. Although this dive site is considered to be an advanced dive site, it can also be great for the Open Water Diver, because of it's huge amounts of different fish. Escpecially when the visibility is nice!

Usually we do a 'double dive' at this site, because there is enough to see at this big dive site. Next to the pinnacle is a separate smaller pinnacle, called Barracuda Rock (located to the South West), which is also definitely worth a visit.

This dive site is of course frequented by many many dive schools from the island. Luckily most of them go really early in the morning, so we plan our dives a bit later, so you can sleep out and most boats will be gone by the time we arrive at the site.

So join us on a trip and we'll make sure that you enjoy Koh Tao’s premier deep dive site!

  • Advanced
  • 12m - 35m
Chumphon Pinnacle